Writing Style; Pictures with Reports and Thoughts

  • A solution is a type of mixture that is the same everywhere. Basically, it means the mixture couldn’t be different somewhere. Still confused? Well then, an example is sugar and water. Okay, if you mix sugar in water and stir them together (in a cup ofcourse), the sugar would dissolve in the water. Then it would be sugar-water and the whole cup would be sugar-water from top to bottom. Okay, an example of a non-solution is sand and water. When you mix sand with water (in a cup), the sand wouldn’t dissolve in the water, and when you wait, some sand would just rest at the bottom of the cup. So it won’t be the same mixture everywhere in the cup because there would be more sand at the bottom of the cup than the top part of the cup. The picture below shows that sugar water looks the same everywhere in the cup, but if it’s sand water, the sand would stay at the bottom of the cup.

  • When you use the example, sugar and water, the sugar would be the solute and the water would be the solvent. Solute is the substance that is being dissolved to make a solution. The solvent is the substance that dissolves the solute.
  • A suspension is a micture that has a bigger sulute than a solution. So this just makes the liquid in the mixture cloudy and un-clear. You’ll see the difference in the picture below. The left is a solution and the right is a suspension.